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Power Mate Replaceable Rim-- 22270 , Oregon

Power Mate Replaceable Rim-- 22270 , Oregon


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Power Mate Replaceable Rim--(22270), OregonThe rim is the replaceable part of an Oregon Power Mate Sprocket System. The rim floats on the splined hub and moves side to side, allowing the chain and rim to align with the bar as the chain travels around the bar's groove. The rim gets most of the sprocket's wear, and by being replaceable, it extends the overall life and value of the sprocket system. The most popular rim models have Radial Ports which use the spinning rim's centrifugal force to throw off sawdust and debris.
•The free-floating rim is the component of a sprocket system which is replaced more frequently. 
•Rim sprockets "float" on the splined hub, allowing chain and sprocket to self-align with the bar groove. 
•fits .404" pitch chains 7 Tooth
•Radial Ported