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Comet Bite Valve, HydraPak

HydraPak Blaster Bite Valve

Comet Bite Valve, HydraPak


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The Comet™  High-Flow Performance Bite Valve comes with a dust cover to protect you from outside elements, it’s leak-proof, self-sealing and easy to disassemble for cleaning. 


  • High-flow hydration tube bite valve delivers water when you need it most
  • Self-seals after each sip and can be open and closed during activity with one hand.
  • Dust cover protects silicone bite valve from collecting dirt
  • Durable, high-grade compression molded silicone sheath
  • Universal ¼ inch diameter fitting 
  • Safe and reliable, 100% BPA & PVC free
  • PP/POM, Silicone

MPN A187