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About The Supply Cache

The Supply Cache has been in business since 1991, serving the wildland fire community with the best selection of products and solutions. As the need for specialized gear arises, The Supply Cache adapts by working with our suppliers to find the best and most unique products to serve our diversified customer base. We strive every day to be your number one choice for wildland fire safety equipment.


Our Commitment to our Employees and Customers

The Supply Cache conducts business on three foundational principles:

1. Adhering to the highest standards of Ethics and Integrity

2. Employee Care

  • We can't expect our employees to provide exceptional customer service if they don't feel that the company cares about its employees

3. Customer Service

  • Providing quality Fire Resistant clothing and job specific gear at a fair price
  • Providing the best selection of products and price points
  • Providing quick, courteous and accurate delivery

Our History

In the fall of 1990, two wildland firefighters realized that the need for an improved wildland radio harness was not unique to just their needs. In searching for an existing solution, they could not find one available. Since one firefighter had a textiles degree and the other had an engineering degree, the two decided to come up with their own radio harness. After producing their new harness it became popular among local fire crews. They successfully sold those radio harnesses, and along with a few other firefighting supplies for sale, The Supply Cache was born in 1991. Over the years, The Supply Cache has grown from a handful of fire gear to thousands of products available for any wildland fire crew or individual firefighter. Although none of the fire gear is now made in-house, the sentiment for wanting to carry only the best and most innovative equipment still prevails.

In August 2016 the business was sold by the former owners to Tom and Lorraine MacKenzie. The business remains headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

With over 30 years of experience, we are always expanding our current product lines, adding new lines to respond to customer requests and growing our presence across North America. As we look toward the next five years, the business will seek growth opportunities in international markets such as South America, Central Africa and South East Asia. This will be done without losing any focus on its core North America business. In addition to this, we are working closely with a select group of suppliers that understand the needs of wildland firefighters to develop innovative products. The Supply Cache will be recognized as the Industry Leader of Innovative Solutions for wildland firefighters globally.