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Weight Pack, The Supply Cache

Weight Pack, The Supply Cache
Evenly distributed weight back for taking the work capacity test or pack test.
Different angles of our weight back used as wildfire firefighter gear.
Weight Pack, The Supply Cache

Weight Pack, The Supply Cache

The Supply Cache Inc

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This product was created for taking the Work Capacity Test or Pack Test. Training for the pack test is made easy with the functionality of the Weight Pack. Add weight on in increments, per your personal training regimen. The Weight Pack has padding throughout that is mesh covered for breathability. An S-shaped yolk with sternum strap and a padded waist with an adjustable belt secure the weight to your body. The Weight Pack is designed as a lower lumbar carrying pack so most of the weight is evenly dispersed as it is ergonomically designed to be carried using your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Exclusive to The Supply Cache, our Test Pack was designed for comfort, convenience, and durability. The Test Pack was designed around a backpack foundation. This allows weight to be distributed to your hips and legs like a pack. The Weight Pack is comprised of comfortable mesh on the inside for better breathability and the quilted stitching creates air flow channels. Thick backpack style padding all around makes it amazingly comfortable.

Available as a fully assembled or unassembled. Fully Assembled allows you to pull the item out of the box and use immediately. Unassembled allows you to build the product to your desired configuration.

Here is how our pack is different from the competition:

  • Uses standard dive weights. Extra weights can be purchased Here.
  • Coated dive weights are used for padding and elimination of lead exposure.
  • Both designs can accommodate up to 17 weights.
  • Dive weights of different sizes an be used to adjust weight up or down.
  • Multiple adjustment straps on each model for better fit and comfort.
  • Mesh inside fabric causes less wear and tear on clothing and breathes better.
  • Waist belt adjusts from 30" to 54".
  • Weights are included (45 lbs.)

Care instructions:  Infrequently hand wash in cool water with a minimum amount of mild of detergent. Rinse thoroughly until water is clear. Air dry completely. Do no dry clean. Any alterations will void the warranty of this item.

Due to oversize or custom packaging and weight, this product requires additional shipping fees based on quantity at checkout.

Made in USA