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Bugz Sight Shield Goggles, Skyline

Bugz Sight Shield Goggles, Skyline


SKU: 400-41751 30 GAUGE

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The Bugz Sight Shield large particle goggles will help you and your workers protect your eyes from flying debris due to chainsaws, chippers, or heavy equipment.

  • These goggles are to be used as protective gear for firefighters.
  • Please note that the 20 gauge Sight Shield is only a protective goggle and is not ANSI Z.87 approved as safety goggles.
  • The 30 gauge is a tighter mesh while the 20 gauge protective goggles have looser mesh weave and provide higher visibility.

Keep yourself safe on the job and use these Bugz Sight Shield goggles to keep your eyes protected. Durable and offering good visibility, this is the protective gear that you need. Add these to your cart and continue shopping for all of the firefighting gear that you need.

  • Specify 30 Gauge of 20 Gauge
  • No UV Protection