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Saw Bar Cover, The Pack Shack

View of the saw bar cover used for wildland firefighting gear.
Side view of the red saw bar cover.
Saw Bar Cover, The Pack Shack
Saw Bar Cover, The Pack Shack

Saw Bar Cover, The Pack Shack

The Pack Shack

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Grey is a discontinued color. Limited quantities of Grey are available.

Wildfire firefighting is already a strenuous and difficult job, there’s no reason to make it even harder for yourself. With this cushiony and functional saw bar cover, you’ll be able to carry your saw and hike up to the fireline with ease. Protect your firefighting equipment as well as your neck and shoulders while fighting wildland fires.


  • This wildland firefighting gear is made with double thick Cordura© material and padded with ⅛” closed cell foam so carrying it doesn’t put strain on your neck or shoulders
  • Not only will it help you to carry your saw around safely, but there is even a pouch under the flap for your saw tools
  • The cover can be hung from the pack with a D-ring or fastened to your waist
  • Bar Length: 20, 24, 28, 32, 36

Made in USA

MPN 290026