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Hose 50' Weeping Firebreak II, Mercedes Textiles

Hose 50' Weeping Firebreak II, Mercedes Textiles

Mercedes Textiles Limited

SKU: 851-35071 1NH

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The Firebreak II is an innovative and reliable weeping hose used by wildland firefighters.

  • Using a unique Hydro-Wick process, this weeping hose wicks water evenly along its entire length.
  • The Mertex lining keeps friction loss to a minimum.
  • The two technologies that this fire hose uses makes it the most reliable fire hose on the market.

Through it’s Hydro-Wick process and Mertex lining, this weeping hose provides a combination of performance, self-wetting, low water loss and low friction loss for the wildland firefighters using it. 

  • 100% Polyester
  • 50 Feet Long

Firebreak II Weeping Hose PDF

This Mercedes product can be shipped within the USA only.