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Yellow FireBoss fire hose.

Hose 100' Supply Fireboss, Mercedes Textiles

Mercedes Textiles Limited

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The quality of your firefighting equipment can be a matter of life or death. This firehose is durable and meant to withstand the heat.

  • This fire hose is made out of the toughest spun polyester jacket to ensure strength and durability.
  • The Mertex® lining provides low friction loss.
  • To add even more durability, we’ve added a specially formulated treatment to increase abrasion resistance and reduced water absorption.

There is no room for error when fighting fires, especially when it comes to your firefighting equipment. With the firehose being one of the most important aspects to the job, you want to be sure that it’s reliable. This Fireboss firehose has been manufactured to withstand the elements of firefighting. 

  • Length: 100’
  • Specify 1” or 1.5”
  • NH or NP Thread

Fire Boss Supply Hose PDF

This Mercedes product can be shipped within the USA only.