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Flashlight Holder- Global Mount GM002, BlackJack
Flashlight Holder- Global Mount GM002, BlackJack

Flashlight Holder- Global Mount GM002, BlackJack


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This is a discontinued item. Limited quantities are available. 

The GM002 BlackJack Global Mount is designed to fit the Streamlight style 2-4 AA flashlights, including the Haz-lo and Propolymer models, tactical size flashlights from Surefire and Pelican. The GM002 has an inner diameter of approx. 1.56” x 1” (4 x 2.5cm). Kit includes 9 pieces: light loop, adjustment gear, Pacific, Gallet, Universal, 90, and 180 degree, tactical rail helmet mounts, and an Allen Key.

The Blackjack Global Mounts are designed primarily for full cover, non-brim 'European' style helmets from such manufacturers as Gallet, Pacific, and Rosenbauer. The Global Mount is designed to allow the user to remove the light, use in hand, and then return to the helmet without tools, or removing the helmet in a dangerous environment. The light loop and each base share a patented design that allow for micro adjustment, but ensure that the light will always realign in the same direction after each removal. The Global Mount is made from a proprietary blend of thermoplastic that we developed specifically for this mount. It has been tested and passed at temperatures above 500 degrees. There are 5 different models within the Global Mount family, each one designed to fit a specific shape, or style of light/torch/camera. The Global Mount is designed to release at approximately 12 foot pounds of force, so it will not cause a snag hazard, but will always stay where you need it.