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Helmet -Full Brim w/ Ratchet Suspension, (FH911), Bullard

Helmet -Full Brim w/ Ratchet Suspension, (FH911), Bullard


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The FH911 Bullard wildfire helmet is specifically engineered to meet the unique needs and fire safety regulations of wildland/forestry firefighters.

  • This wildfire helmet was manufactured from heat-resistant thermoplastic for exceptional impact and penetration protection.
  • The Bullard firefighting helmet exceeds performance specifications of NFPA 1977-2005 as well as all major state fire codes.
  • This piece of firefighting equipment has an easy to adjust Flex-Gear® ratchet sizing suspension to ensure a perfect fit.

While the community relies on firefighters to keep them safe during a wildfire, the firefighters rely on their firefighting equipment for their own personal safety. This Bullard wildfire helmet has been made to provide ultimate protection from the heat and any impact. Don’t put yourself in any unnecessary danger and add this wildfire helmet to your cart now.

  • Specify Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Grey, White, Orange, Lime-Yellow
  • Thermoplastic Shell
  • Reflective Lime-Yellow Stripes
  • Three Goggle Clips
  • Available In Cap-Style or Full-Brim Hat Style
  • Comfortable 6-Point Suspension
  • Leather Ratchet Cover (On Ratchet Models)
  • Absorbent Cotton Brow Pad
  • Velcro Attachment Inside Shell


*Shipping Only Available in the USA

Shipping only available in the USA.